Political Correctness (PC)

So after writing my about page I realized I had more to say about PC and comments made online.

So first off everyone needs to stop with the going berserk when they read something someone says online they don’t like.  I submit that most of the time you are taking what was said in a manner different from the authors true point of view.  Politely ask for clarification before calling someone Hitler or racist.  I see that stuff on comments all the time.  Sometimes things come out wrong or auto-correct does something unexpected.  Give people the benefit of the doubt and you’ll keep your blood pressure down.  If you want to change someone’s behavior or view, you won’t do it by calling them Hitler.

I’ll give some background of me.  I read Fahrenheit 451 in the early 90’s when the PC movement was on the rise and I’m glad I did.  I saw people at that period of time choose not to say anything and stifle their views on certain subjects because someone somewhere might get upset by it.  I think the same thing is starting to happen again.  Communication is necessary! We have the first amendment for a reason.  If something can be said without causing hurt feelings, we should all try to do that.  But never stifle your well thought out opinions just because someone doesn’t like it.  The devil doesn’t like words of love and encouragement, should we not say them to each other to make him happy?  Likewise, sometimes uncomfortable things need to be said, but try to say them without sounding like a douche.

One thing that really bothers me is when people (usually white) are PC and think they are more enlightened than everyone else.  They say some of the dumbest things but think they are right because they used the “correct” words.  For example, just last week I was watching Antique Road Show (The DVR changes to that channel to record kids shows so it’s on when I first turn on the TV at night) and there was a painting being appraised.  The owner described the painting as having Indians in front of an adobe house.  Now the appraiser made a point to say Native Americans the first time she described them.  You could really tell by how she emphasized the words and the look on her face while staring at him that she was scolding him for saying Indians.  She then went on to say that they were likely Sioux.  I was always taught that Sioux is a derogatory term for Dakota that the Ojibwe and later French used for them meaning snake.  There are bills put forth by Dakota leaders trying to change all geographical locations with the name Sioux to Dakota in MN.   Obviously they think the term is derogatory.  They don’t call themselves Sioux so why should we?  Point is the lady is a giant douche for scolding him when she was just as “bad” as he was.  I doubt either of them meant any harm by the words they chose.

On a short tangent, Indians is a confusing word nowadays.  I meet many more Indians (people from India) than I do Natives so I assume when people say Indians they actually mean Indians although many still mean Natives.  Yes I don’t say Native-Americans.  I think all those hyphenated terms are annoying.  I kind of like Canada’s term First Nations but really that only applies to all the different tribal nations together.  I’ve heard Canadians say First Nation person and person of First Nations when describing an individual person and that just sounds so categorical and cold to me.  Plus the tribes that exist now aren’t the same tribes that existed thousands of years ago when people first came to the western hemisphere so First Nations isn’t really even accurate.  I know the Grand Portage Chippewa Tribe has a sign in their casino that they want to be called Natives.  See, many people think that is somehow an insensitive word.  It’s not a lower case native like you would see in an old book to describe a savage on some island.  It’s Native with a capital N.  Really if I know what tribe someone is from I say the tribe name since that is their country.  If you know someone is from Ireland, you’d likely say he’s Irish, not European.  Get what I mean?

OK, end of tangent.

PC people who get all in someone’s face lose all respect from me.  I’m sure they think they’re actually helping some group of people by doing that.  I’ve come to realize that people by and large can fight their own battles and don’t need outsiders coming in to “help” them.  Certainly don’t need the in your face kind of “help”.  To me it’s degrading that they think the particular group needs their help in the first place.  There are actually people who can’t fully speak for themselves like children, people with intellectual disabilities, people who can’t speak a language common to the area, etc.  HELP THEM!  Women don’t need help from a man.  There are men who consider themselves to be feminist.  How is that possible?  The fact that you think women need your help shows you don’t understand feminism.

How about you spend your time bringing awareness to tragedies many people are unaware of.  Such as the huge problem of rape in immigrant workers and custodial workers.  The human trafficking and sex slave problems happening right here in America, not just world-wide.  The Islamic terrorists that say their religion allows them to “marry” 9-year-old girls that they abduct so they can gang rape them.  Those things completely sicken me.

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