Cheering at Ultramarathon Races

If you ever want to make a runner in a race smile and feel good, cheer with gusto.  Any runner appreciates any cheering, really we do.  But I have to say the people I don’t even know who are cheering like I’m some sort of rock star makes me feel pretty darn special.  It’s impossible to not smile.  It’s usually some mom type looking woman or a group of them going nuts with or without a cowbell (need more cowbell!).  Sometimes there is a teenager or 2 who I presume are said woman’s offspring who are definitely not as excited by my presence and half ass clap their hands.  Again the kids support is appreciated but the woman’s is more appreciated.  Seriously there are people who cheer like I’m the most awesome person in the world and keep cheering for like 20 seconds until I’m out of view.  It’s amazing how much that can help the mental attitude of racers.  Funny signs are always good too.  The only down side is I have yet to meet any of these crazy mom cheerers at 3am.  But by 5am the next day they are back at it!


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