So if you get the joke of the title being in all caps then you are probably pronouncing it correctly and can skip this.

If you are using forte with the meaning of something you’re good at, and pronounce it for-tay, you are wrong.  I don’t care that some dictionaries have started including that pronunciation, you are just wrong!  Using the word with that definition means you are using the French word and it’s pronounced fort.  It has only one syllable.  You pronounce it the same as a strong structure known as a fort.  The way you are pronouncing it means LOUD in Italian and if you have played any musical instrument you should know that already.  Listen to it here.

I blame Hillary Clinton for this among others.  I remember the first time I heard the word used was from her in the early 90’s.  I swear every speech she made for a few months back then had the word in it.  Then of course all the talking heads started pronouncing it incorrectly as well.  In fact, since so many “smart” people pronounced the word wrong for so long, it is now considered appropriate by some.  Bull!  Unless I hear Frenchmen start saying for-tay, it’s not correct.

Personally I’ve always used strong suit for something I’m good at.  Forte is really kind of an uppity word anyway.  I’ve never heard someone say something WAS their forte.  Only in the phrase “not my forte”.  So not only are you admitting that you suck at something, you are trying to cover it up by using a fancy word.  Plus I’ll once again say you are pronouncing it wrong, unless you do actually mean that it’s not your loud.

Next up: Veterinarian

It’s 6 syllables long.  This is how you say it.

Not ve-tre-nar-e-an or vet-eh-nar-e-an.  It’s Vet-er-eh-nar-e-an.  Hope that makes sense since I can’t put the fancy dictionary pronunciation letters in this blog for some reason so had to try to phonetically write them.  Now I usually don’t correct clients when they say this wrong since I know what they mean and there’s no reason to be a douche.  I just want their animal to get better.  Also I’ve heard many veterinarians and even more office staff themselves pronounce it wrong so it’s hard to blame the clients for pronouncing it wrong.  I have no clue why it’s pronounced wrong by so many people.  I grew up saying it wrong since everyone I knew said it wrong.  So now I’m trying to get the word out on how to say it correctly.  Please!

Ok so those are the only words I’m going to vent about today.  I could go on but most people already know they sometimes pronounce the word espresso, escape, federal, arctic etc. wrong.