Brown County Circumnavigation Fat Ass Run

I plan on running around Brown County MN starting on April 23rd.  It’s mostly a training run for Vol State this summer, but I’ve wanted to run around the county since I was 7.  I decided to open it up to others as a Fat Ass to see if anyone else felt like doing a free, really long run.  I’m guessing it will take me 30 hours.  I’ve updated where you can get water.

The Course: It basically goes clockwise around Brown County on roads starting and ending in New Ulm.  I’ve measured it around 132 miles by using a couple different programs.  While I’ve been on many of the roads, I have not driven the entire course at one time to measure it yet.  I know over half of the miles are on gravel which in April could be nice and soft or, hard packed with those stupid round rocks that hurt after 30 miles.  It is a very flat course with only 2262 ft of gain by my most accurate program.  I’ve figured the exact circumference of Brown County with the river to also be 132 miles so this is as close as it’s going to get to the real thing without floating down the river and cutting through fields.  Usually there isn’t construction until May so I don’t expect my route to be blocked due to construction.

Water stops: There is a general store in Godahl at 33mi into the race.  Hours are 9am-3pm.  There is also a pop machine outside of it if it’s closed.  Go inside if you can.  They also have cold sandwiches and junk food, etc.  Comfrey  at 48mi.  You get very close to Sanborn at 65mi.  Sanborn itself doesn’t have anything but it you continue North on Hwy 71 there is a gas station and Dairy Queen when it hits Hwy 14.  I don’t know if the Dairy Queen is open this time of year and I don’t know the hours of the Cenex Gas Station.  Just go East 1 mile on 14 to get back on course.  Depending what times you go through may determine if water is easily available.

Dangers: Dogs are probably the only real danger.  I usually carry pepper spray when I’m on roads I haven’t been on before. The very first part of the course out of New Ulm has a fairly narrow shoulder and is uphill.  That’s why I’m starting the course that direction at 6am to avoid traffic and having to cross the HWY.  Also the course goes on Hwy 71 for about 2 miles but there are wide shoulders so it should be safe.  County Rd 29 also has very wide shoulders.  The rest of the roads are either gravel or have very light traffic.

The Cost:  Free, its a Fat Ass

What I’ll Provide: Pretty much just what you see here, the course route.  Print your own map, make the list of turns, or download to your phone if that’s somehow possible.  My wife will be bringing/dropping water for me in a few spots where there aren’t any towns along the way so maybe you could talk her in to helping you as well.

Date/Time: Saturday April 23rd, 2016, 6am

brown county race elevation profile


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