Grit (how I’ll miss you)

So for over 6 months I’ve had this topic on my sheet of potential future posts but never got around to it. Now I have to.  Seems one of my favorite real meaningful words has become a corporate buzzword!  Yep, just last week I heard an ad for that said they had grit.  I started to yell at my radio for about a minute.  I’m so pissed!

I really like (soon to be liked) the word grit.  It just summarizes so much the quality of people I admire and most of the ultrarunning community.  As I said, I had planned on writing a long post about it but now there’s no point since it will very likely catch on and become another stupid horrible buzzword that posers and high school kids say.  Here’s a short list of comparisons I made in my 1 minute tirade at the radio.

Anyone over 70 years old that’s finished a 100 mile race: GRIT No

Any single parent raising a child: MAJOR GRIT Nope

The soldiers that survived the winter at Valley Forge: SUPER GRIT Not even close

You get the point, working in some office or being a website does not give you the quality to say you have grit.  Not that a person who works in an office can’t have the quality because of other things they do.  But working for 60 hours in a chair is not something that gives you the right to say you have grit in my opinion.  Working 80+ hours on your feet like most farmers do and you’ll start to get my attention.  Please use the word responsibly!

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