What this blog is about:

This blog is mostly about ultrarunning.  I hope to help others find their way through all the poor advice out there for ultrarunners.  It doesn’t mean I have all the answers.  No one does, especially when it comes to ultrarunning.  We are all an experiment of one once you start getting up to crazy distances.  I will tell what I’ve learned and give advice.  That’s what it is, advice, not THE answer.  There are some things out there that are just plain wrong, I will point those out when I see them.  There are things purported to be fact when they are opinion, I will point those out.

I also will throw out random ponderings and pet peeves of mine that occupy my mind during my long runs.  In fact I think this blog will help me vent as much as it will help others learn.

Why I think you should bother to read my blogs:

I am a veterinarian.  I therefore understand Physiology and Bio-mechanics and have a scientific mind.  These are important if you want to discuss certain endurance running topics.  I’m not someone that just regurgitates things I read.  If I blog about it then you can be fairly sure I have thought about it for a while with a scientific thought process and think it is correct.

I have run ultramarathons.  Seems like that would go without saying but there are many magazine articles and even more posts/comments written by people who have never run an ultramarathon or at most ran a 50k once.  This is a big problem if you go to Facebook looking for advice.

Some housekeeping comments:

I will use He or She as I choose.

My grammar will probably be wrong quite often.  English class just wasn’t that interesting to me.  I don’t think it’s horrible but I’m not going to pretend I’m a writer just because I have a blog.  I tend to write long sentences and paragraphs.  I know that is a horrible way to write blogs, and keeping the paragraphs short makes it easier to read.  I will try my best.

I am not going to bend over backwards to be PC (politically correct).  That doesn’t mean I’m racist, sexist, etc.  I always try not to be a douche but I’m sure some of you won’t like some of the things I write if I keep blogging long enough.  It takes long enough for me to write something I’m happy with, I’m sure not going to stay awake at night worrying if I made someone else mad.

Thanks for reading all of this.  I have a feeling this is too long for an About Page.

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