Today I Had A Great Run

Today I had a great run.

A 15 mile run that felt effortless.  A 25 MPH wind that pushed me one way, and made me work on the way back with dirt hitting against my face.  I laughed at some great podcasts and learned from others.

I planned the hikes I would take my children on in the mountains next summer.

I thought of my favorite hikes I want to take them on when they are old enough.

I hoped for a day when they ask me to go on their favorite hikes they discover as adults.

No wildlife made this run great, there were none to be seen.  No interesting scenes of nature.  No cars.  No people.  No crops.

Perhaps the nothingness was part of what made it great.  Getting lost in the constant effortless pace.  I didn’t need to look at my watch to know I would average under a 10 minute mile pace.

With just 1 mile left to go I almost felt sad.  I felt like going another 5 miles but knew I didn’t have the time.

I felt like a sled dog that wants to keep pulling the sled with the rest of his pack over the next hill.  Like a 12 year old that just wants another hour to play with his friends before going home.  Like a teenager wanting time to stop, so that his date can go on forever.  I felt myself pushing even harder into the wind and lengthening out my stride.  It felt awesome!

Some days I don’t want to run but I do.  Some days the run feels horrible.  But today I was reminded of why I run.  I run because someday I won’t be able to run any longer.  I’ll remember days like today for years.  A simple 15 mile run that made my life better.

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